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In 1994  I got the public's prize at the "European Championship of bearmakers" in Aachen for my tableaux Brownbear with cubs.

My polars Nanook and her baby were nominated for the Toby Award in 1995 My Honeybear was also nominated in the same category "small bears undressed".

The German magazine "Teddybär und seine Freunde" organized a contest "Teddy goes to Bearlywood" in 1995. My one-of-a-kind bear  Baloo got a special prize.
In 1997 I got another nomination for Baron Munchausen in the category "small bears dressed" for the Toby Award.

My Lion with lion-tamer got in 1998 in the contest "Circus Bearrasani"  of the  magazine "Teddybär und seine Freunde" the 2nd prize in the champion category.
By the end of 1998 I started a new line of realistic bears in miniature size. 
Pixi & Momo, my miniature panda with cub, got the 1st prize at the 2.Int' Vienna Teddy Bear Show in March 1999. The same bears were nominated in the category "miniature bears, undressed" for the Toby Award 1999.

The  Jury of the Unicef gave Oliver  the second prize for the Unicef-bear competition at the  Int'Vienna in Vienna 1999 

In 1999 I got three nominations for the new contest "TED worldwide" for my griffin and the "Wind in the Willows" as well for my sloth bears.

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My donkeys Grisella and Benjamin got a nomination for the Toby Award 2000
My sloth bear Aswail and the kangaroo with  baby were nominated for the Golden George at Teddybear Total 2000

My raccoon was nominated for TED worldwide 2000/01 (category "The Zoo"). My American black bear family got the first prize in the category "realistic bears" in this contest.   
"Who's that?" The young brown bear and the raccoon are nominated for the  Toby 2001 Industry's Choice.
Hela und Soni, the sun bears, were in October 2001 nominated for the  Japanese TITA-Award 2002 .

This brown bear mother and her cub won the Golden George at Teddybear Total in Muenster on April 27th 2002.


My hyena won the Golden George at Teddybear Total in Muenster on Aril 27th 2003.

The wild mare and her filly got the 3rd place in the same category "animals".

In a very small fairytale contest - one of the challenges of the teddybear-eMail-list "Just another Bag (BAG)" my "Hare and Hedgehog won the first and "Puss in boots" the third place.

Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany

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