In April 2000 I could release the German version of my CD-Rom. The English version "Teddies, bears and all that..." was offered first in June 2001.

The CD includes over 3000 photographs and about 200 drawings and cover all aspects of bearmaking, designing, photographing and restoring. The photographs not only show my own bears, but also those of more than 100 bearartists from all over the world.

You can see the index of the CD-Rom and three of the pages (sewing designing footpads, proportions of realistic bears and ), to get a glance, what the CD is about. The CD is available from me, price is 20 Euro  + shipping. Payment by paypal. Please contact me for ordering.

The CD requires Windows 95, Windows 98 or a higher version. As it is written in hypertext, you will need a browser (Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator for example) to see the CD.
Attention: To be able to send always the latest version, I write the CDs myself on demand. Some very old computers are not able to read self written CDs. As the CD is written on a PC, problems with Macs can occur.


My book "A bear of my own" published by Hobby House Press, Inc. 1999  is out of print now.

I don't have copies left for sale.


Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany

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