I have started early to make small bears, but I did not know how to make miniatures, as in Germany there was no literature about this and no special material availiable. So I tried to make my bears a little bit smaller every time and learned by trial and error how to make miniatures.
In Spring 1995 I published my first selfmade book "Großer Spass mit kleinen Bären" (Big fun with small bears  - tricks and hints for making four different bears from 6 to 15 cm), which was quite a success and made me finally write "A bear of my own" in which I have discussed different ways of making miniatures.

Ice Cream Vendor


Boat Bears


These bears are 2 ½ ''(6 cm) tall and made of upholstery plush.

Pixi and Momo
In the christmas time 1998 I made Pixi and Momo They are a miniature version of my large pandas  and they feature the same items as my large realistic bears. 
Pixi is made of viskose and 4" (10 cm) tall,  Baby Momo is made of alpaca velours and is 2" (5 cm) tall standing on his back legs.
American Black Bear n November 1998 I started my miniature-line of realistic bears. My first attempt  was this American black bear made of viscose and 2¼" (6 cm) tall, shoulder height 1". He was sent  to the US and photographed  for the Tiny Teds - Issue of Teddybear and friend®.
In summer 1999 I made another version of "The wind in the willows", this time miniature size (2").
See Ratty and Mole leaving Toad at the river bench.
minipolar polar with baby minipanda
2 3/4" (7 cm) shoulder height 
1¼" ( 3 cm)
180 DM (diorama box included)
Polar with baby
2" and 4" (5 and 10 cm)
290 DM (diorama box included)
Mini panda, viscose
2¾" (7 cm) shoulder height 
1 1/4"( 3 cm)
190 DM (diorama box included)

To show these tiny bears in a natural surrounding, they come in diorama boxes (shown with the miniature black bear. These wooden boxes have a glass front, the back can be opened. The boxes are 7½" (19 cm) long and 5½" (14 cm) high. Being only 2½ (6cm) deep, you can them hang on a wall.

Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany