These bears are fully jointed. They have swivel heads like dolls, so they are able to raise her head. Armatures make arms and legs more pose able.
A happy family
This Teddy Family was created in 1994 as contrast to my realistic brown bear with cubs for the "European Championship of Bearmakers". The brown bears were awarded the public prize then.
These three teddies are made of mohair. Mother is 14" (35 cm), the children are 10" (25 cm) and 6" (15 cm) tall. 
The Neighbears were created for the 1995 Amerongen contest with the theme "news". 

Both were made using  the same design, except the mouth.
They are 8" (20 cm) tall and made of alpaca.

Ukulele Lady
Ukulele Lady was made to feature some special things like darts or eyelids on my CD-Rom "Teddies, bears and all that..."

She is made of mohair and 12" tall.

August August was made in spring 2000 as an order for Switzerland, but was also used for the CD to demonstrate, how his inserted face was made.

He is made of self dyed mohair and 6" tall.

Opa, or grandpa, was also designed to show some bearmaking techniques for my CD. For example you can see, how I made and designed his large flat feet. He also features an usual head design, eyelids and needle sculpted brows.
Grobi is my most unusual bear. In the CD he is my example for open mouth and big noses, double jointed neck and arms and has trapunto paws.

Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany

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