After completing my series "Bears of the world" of course I will also make the raccoons, the small relatives of the bears.
In autumn 1998 my colleague Shelly Haugen asked me to make either a panda or a red panda for her bearmaking anniversary. Of course I preferred the Red Panda  as this was a new challenge and I had always loved these pretty animals.
HunHo, the Chinese name of the red panda, has a shoulder height of 3" (8cm) and is around 12" (30 cm) long from nose to tail. He is made of mohair with some hand painted accents.
The raccoon, this is my prototype, was designed in May 2000.
He was nominated for TED worldwide 2000
Together with a young brown bear another raccoon I made was nominated for the Toby Award in 2001.

For my first visit in South California in July 2001 I designed a coati , because they also live there.

Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany


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