Fairy Tales

I have loved fairy tales all my life. No wonder it has always been a challenge for me to make fairy tale characters as bears or show scenes from fairy tales.
Goldilocks and the three bears
Everything started with a terrific order I got in spring 1992: I was asked to make Goldilocks and the three bears as a display for an exhibition. 
The three bears range from 27 cm to 45 cm and are made from mohair.

I made Goldilocks from fabric. She has a molded leather face and is fully jointed with armatures in her arms and legs.
Nutcracker and Mouseking Nutcracker and Mouse king were another order I had got for this exhibition. 
The mouse king is made from llama and nearly 20cm tall. 
You will find my very new designed Mouse King, if you click on the picture.
The golden bird
In spring 1994 a teddy convention took place at the Creativa-Show in Dortmund. The theme for the contest was "fairy tales". My entry for this contest was  The golden bird one of the lesser known tales of  the brothers Grimm.
The teddies are made from short piled mohair and 15 cm tall. The fox has jointed legs and was made from mohair too. The golden horse is jointed and made from viscose..
Snowhite and Rosered
Beneath my entry for the contest I made more fairy tale bears to show them at my table. You can find Anna's fairy tale bears on her website. This scene belongs to the German tale Snow-white and Rose Red.
The bear is 20 cm tall and one of my early realistic bears. The dolls are pose able cloth dolls with leather faces and 20 cm tall too.
The brave little tailor
The brave little tailor is another German fairy tale, here my hero comes along with the wild boar he has caught in a chapel.
The tailor is 20 cm tall and made of mohair. The boar has jointed legs and is made of llama.

Hans im Glück
Hans in luck, the hero of a German fairy tale, who traded a fortune for a horse, then the horse for a cow, the cow for a pig, the pig for a goose and the goose for a cobblestone. 
With his bendable arms he is able to hold his walking-cane & bundle.
He is made of mohair and 8" (20 cm) tall.
The pig is fully jointed and made of llama.
Little Red Ridinghood
Little Red Riding hood's wolf was ordered for an exhibition. He is made of mohair and his back is  10" (25 cm) high. To get the realistic colour of a wolf, the fur was painted after stuffing.
The doll was made by me in 1989. The body is sewn of fabric, the face is molded suede. She is fully jointed.


Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany


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