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The little squirrel smells the last christmas cookies...

to all my visitors I wish

A Happy New Year



Last year 2012 brought a lot of changes: we left our house in Merfeld and moved to my home town Billerbeck. We now live in the house my grandfather built in 1921 and where I habve spent my childhood.
After getting a new roof I could change the old cold and dark attic into my new working room.


The black cat was made as a requisit for our open air theater, where we performed "The name of the rose" this summer.


The black rooster also belonged to the requisits I made, also the horse head - but "Falada" I made in 1969 for our theater



Inside of this elephant head is my husband who played "Colonel Hathi in Kipling's "Djungle book" this summer. In fact I had to make 7 heads for the elephants.

In winter of course we play inside, this year "The snow Queen" after a tale of H.C.Andersen.

For this play I made the ice crown, the raven heads and also the head of the raindeer.

So, although I retired from bearmaking I still can use my experience.



Fotos Manfred van Os



After 23 years of bearmaking I am retiring now. I will not make bears any longer and don't teach classes.
Nevertheless  my CD-Rom "Teddies, bears and allt that..." . will still be available from me.

In many years of bearmaking I had lots of contacts and made friends all over the world. The bear shows brought me to the Netherlands, Austria and Switzerland, to England and even to the USA and everywhere I made wonderful experiences I would never want to miss. It is time to say good bye now, but I never will forget the lucky moments in the bear world.


Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany

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