Animals in Fairy Tales

Animals as  characters in fairy tales can be found often, no wonder making them is a special challenge for me. Usually I make them now as rather realist animals who get their special character by walking upright if needed.

Nutcracker and Mouse king
Nutcracker and Mouse king were an order I had got for a fairy tale exhibition in 1992. 
The mouse king is made from llama and nearly 20cm tall. 
You will find a new designed Mouse King, if you click on the picture.
Puss in boots
Puss in boots is one of my first fairy tale characters. I took his design from the puppet I had made for a performance of this tale. He was shown in the  exhibition too.
Click the picture to see the recent version I made 10 years later.

Little red Riding Hood
Little Red Riding hood's wolf was ordered for an exhibition. He is made of mohair and his back is  10" (25 cm) high. To get the realistic colour of a wolf, the fur was painted after stuffing.
The doll was made by me in 1989. The body is sewn of fabric, the face is molded suede. She is fully jointed.
The musiceans of Bremen The four musicians of Bremen have always been one of my favorite fairy tales.
I designed this group as a show piece for the "Bremer Bärentage" 1998 .

The Hare and the Hedgehog The hare and the hedgehog one of Grimm's fairy tales were made for  the Bear Festivall Sigriswil 2003 .
Hans my hedgehog Hans my hedgehog  is another tale I designed for the fairy tale bear festival in Sigriswil.
The poor miller's boy and the cat The enchanted princess from The poor miller's boy and the cat was also designed in July for the festival in Switzerland.


Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
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