Other Animals

Nearly from the beginning I started making other animals than bears. I use to make them the same way as my realistic bears.
The design of a new animal is always a challenge for me and keeps me from getting bored. You will find some other animals on pictures along with Bears: pig , wild boar, fox and of course the four musicians of Bremen in the fairy tale page and also the mouse king, the rat, mole and toad in the literature section as well as on the mini page. The fantasy animals and wolves and dogs have their on pages..
The Koala is no bear but loved by many teddy friends too. This one was ordered in 1997 by a collector specialized. in koalas.
The koala is made of synthetic plush and 10" (25 cm) tall, the nose is made of leather. He features the two-thumbed hands of koalas with long claws, which allows these animals to live in trees most of their time.
I made Piggy , my brother's tom cat for the 50th birthday of my sister in law in 1998 On the photograph you see the real Piggy sniffling the small one.
Piggy has a shoulder height of 6" (15 cm) and is made of mohair. As the real Piggy has lots of irregular spots, sewing turned out as a puzzle.
This red cat was made in September 2004. He is also 6" high.
Morna Baird collects teddies, but even more she wished to get a Greek tortoise. So I tried to make one for her.
Laura, the tortoise is life-size because her shell was moulded of suede on the shell of a turtle I owned when I was a girl. The body is sewn of cotton. Head and legs are pose able.
Clarence Clarence, the lion, is made of alpaca and his shoulder height is 5 1/2" (14 cm). He is very pose able so he can show a lot of stunts together with his master. He can even open and shut his mouth.
The kangaroo and its baby were designed in April 2000.
They were nominated for the Golden George at Teddybär Total.
The skunk belongs like my raccoon to a display showing some North American mammals, and was also designed in May 2000.
In July 2001 I made a camel for our nativity scene. The making of this camel is demonstrated in my CD-Rom .
The sloth was my  design  in December 2001.
In addition to the three friends from "The wind in the willows" I made a badger in August 2002 .
In march 2003 I designed a hyena. In April she won the Golden George in the category "animals".


In December 2003 I made an echidna.
My animals don't have to be exotic all the time. In April 2005 I continued my series of European animals as wolf, fox and badger with my family of boars.

Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany