Horses & Donkeys

From childhood on I have always been fond of horses. I drew them again and again - even during school lessons. 
Of course I tried to make horses and donkeys which I love too as fabric animals, unfortunately this is not just easy and it took me years to make them the way I wanted.
Being 14 I finally learned  riding horses and  in 1991 I finally could fulfill my childhood  dream: a horse of my own behind of our house. Ulba and Marita, old haflinger mares, joined our family.
For Christmas 1991 I made our horses as unjointed animals for our own nativity scene .
This horse belonging to the fairy tale "The golden bird" was in 1984 an early attempt to make a jointed horse. It is made of silk plush and 8" high. 
Ben Hur's famous quadriga made me trying horses for the contest "Teddy goes to Bearlywood" at Teddybear Total in 1995. These are also made of viscose and have a shoulder height of 4".


Later I made some ponies from time to time, most combined with small teddy bears. 
Elora is a filly born in our stable in February 2001. To remember her, I made her from alpaca, 5" high, when she was two weeks old.
In march 2003 I completed the set making Elora's mother Morrigan.
The wild Duelmen ponies live only six km from our house.
In April 2003 I made
this mare with her filly. 

These horses got the 3rd place in the Golden George contest. 

I made my first unjointed donkeys for nativity scenes by the end of the eighties. 
In February 1998 I made the "Four musicians of Bremen" as a diplay for the "Bremer Bärentage". 
Grisella & Benjamin
The donkey Grisella and her baby Benjamin were designed in November 1999.
Both donkeys are made of alpaca and have leather hooves. They have four joints and a pose able neck and legs.

The donkeys were nominated for the Toby Award 2000.
The mystic winged horse Pegasus may not be missed in this page.
The shy unicorn is known to resemble a white horse. 


Rotraud Ilisch
D-48727 Billerbeck
Deutschland / Germany

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